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Arkansas PBS values its sponsors as important partners in our efforts to serve the people of Arkansas. Our sponsors cover a wide range of businesses and organizations, from major corporations to small-town sewing centers. In general, however, they are united by a commitment to their communities, to quality, and to service. Many of our sponsors also serve as our ambassadors in their own communities.

Sponsorship is best understood as an enhancement to an overall marketing and public relations strategy. An effective sponsorship spot will position your organization or business with the select public television audience and will identify you as a leader who shares our mission - to inspire, to entertain, to educate.


Sponsors are listed each month in the Sponsors section of the monthly Arkansas PBS Program Guide and in the Sponsorship Directory on the Arkansas PBS Foundation website. Information in the Directory may include location(s), days and hours of operation, and all contact information. Listings in the Directory include a full color underwriter logo (where available) and a direct link to the underwriter's website, when requested.

New underwriters will be announced within the first six months of their contract in a brief notice in the Arkansas PBS e-newsletter, published twice each month. Sponsor events may also be announced in the e-newsletter, space permitting.

Sponsors will also be informed of various promotional opportunities which may arise during the course of their contract. These may include special events, on-air appearances during membership campaigns, or appearances by Arkansas PBS and PBS celebrities at sponsor or community events.

Arkansas PBS maintains an active Speakers Bureau and will arrange for a speaker to visit civic clubs or other appropriate organizations in your area upon request.

Arkansas PBS will provide monthly affidavits of carriage reports and other information required for co-op arrangements upon request. We will also assist in designing spots and copy to meet co-op requirements.

Discounts (10%-25%) are available to non-profit organizations and in the case of community initiatives involving multiple sponsors from the same area. The actual discount will depend upon the length and amount of the underwriting commitment.

Missed spots due to unanticipated pre-emptions or technical failures and fund raising pre-emptions which exceed the norm will be made up at 2 for 1. Make-ups will be added at the completion of the existing contract.

Monthly payment options are available. Sponsor contracts are priced to take into account occasional pre-emptions for on-air fund raising activities and programming. Most prime-time, fringe, and weekend programs will be pre-empted 5-6 weeks per year. Children's programming is customarily not subject to fund raising pre-emptions.

Map of Transmitters Placed Around the State Arkansas

For Further Information Contact

Aaron Utley
Corporate Relations Officer
Phone (501)269-4546

Guidelines for Regular Programming

The guidelines for corporate messages on public television leave ample room for creativity and stylishness. Many companies run their existing spot on our air. Others find that a small change in voiceover is all it takes to fit the non-promotional environment of Public Television.

Your credit may:

  • Describe your business
  • Describe your corporate mission
  • Identify and depict products
  • Use a slogan
  • Use an 800# and a telephone number
  • Use music
  • Make an association between your company and the program

To maintain public television's non-commercial character, the FCC has determined that sponsor credit may not:

  • Use comparative or qualitative language (efficient, economical, dependable, prompt, leading, reliable, excellent)
  • Offer price, discount or financing information (offering a discount, financing is available)
  • Uses a call-to-action (stop by our showroom, come on out, call today)
  • Include any inducement to buy (Free service, special gift, bonus, guarantees)
  • Feature on-camera dialogue of any kind

However, recent changes to the PBS guidelines offer a more holistic approach that makes better sense in today's medica environment. While the PBS guidelines have long recognized that it is impossible to anticipate every use or possible combination of creative elements that might make an underwriting announcement unacceptably promotional, use of the following should no longer be considered as inherently promotional, or contributing to a promotional tone, in and of themselves:

  1. Speaking on camera
  2. Lyrics to music
  3. Product sound effects
  4. People with product
  5. Employees with customers

Other rigid rules in the same vein, such as the structure for presenting phone number and/or web address, are also deleted. In addition, PBS is now more inclined to accept the kinds of well-established corporate slogans that the FCC has historically characterized as acceptable identification despite containing some promotional language.

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