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Arkansas PBS values its sponsors as important partners in our efforts to serve the people of Arkansas.

Memorial Gifts

Make a donation to the Arkansas PBS Foundation in honor of a loved one.

Vehicle Donation

Vehicle Donation

Your car donation will be used to support your favorite Arkansas PBS programs. When you make a donation, your vehicle is resold at an auto auction and the proceeds go to the Arkansas PBS Foundation. To donate a car or for more information, call: Cars 1-866-398-4483.

Ambassadors Circle


As part of the Ambassadors Circle, you provide crucial unrestricted funds that enable Arkansas PBS to acquire, produce and broadcast the highest quality television programs and offer significant outreach resources for Arkansas and surrounding communities.

Volunteer With Us!

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Whether your specialty is speaking, greeting, coordinating, clerical or operational, the perfect volunteer opportunity is available for you or your group. We need telephone groups of 15 for 3-4 monthly call-in shows as well as three large Pledge events in March, August and December!

Planned Giving
Leaving a Legacy

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For over 50 years, Arkansas PBS has enriched and empowered Arkansans with educational, informational, engaging and inspiring programs and services built on a partnership of trust. When you include Arkansas PBS in your estate plans, you not only create a legacy for what you believe in, but also ensure that future generations will benefit from the rich and diverse programs and services that Arkansas PBS provides.

Exploring Arkansas From Above
Thank You Gifts

Exploring Arkansas From Above Gifts

Make a donation to Arkansas PBS and choose from the following gifts:

“Exploring Arkansas From Above” DVD
“Exploring Arkansas From Above" T-shirt
Unique Postcards
Photo Canvas Prints from the show

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Become A Sustainer

Arkansas PBS Sustainers are a special group of people who provide a reliable, steady stream of support for Arkansas PBS by authorizing a monthly or quarterly charge to their credit card or bank account, and allowing us to automatically renew their Arkansas PBS Foundation membership annually. It's safe, benefits both you and Arkansas PBS, and you'll never have write another check to the Arkansas PBS Foundation again!


Both Amazon and PBS will donate a percentage of sales when you shop. Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the Arkansas Educational Telecommunications Network whenever you shop on AmazonSmile at the link below. And PBS donates a portion of sales to your local PBS station, Arkansas PBS.

About the Arkansas PBS Foundation

Arkansas PBS relies on the financial support of viewers like you to provide funding for our educational, informative and entertaining programming. Donations pay for the general audience programming enjoyed by thousands of viewers all over Arkansas and in surrounding states. Please make your tax-deductible donation right now by visiting or by calling 1-800-662-2386.

Community Supported Television

About one-fifth of the Arkansas PBS budget is funded by private sources through efforts of the Arkansas PBS Foundation. This money is used to help acquire and broadcast general audience programs to Arkansans, and to help produce local programming highlighting the news and information that Arkansans need, and the Arkansas stories that illuminate the history, people, culture and natural wonders of our state.

Currently to supplement state and federal funding, more than 23,000 contributors contribute approximately $3 million annually to Arkansas PBS through the Arkansas PBS Foundation. The Arkansas PBS Foundation also receives around $500,000 from businesses, state agencies and foundations to underwrite programs and projects.

Prior to the onset of the pandemic, hundreds of individuals and businesses volunteered each year, providing several thousand hours of service to Arkansas PBS. We look forward to welcoming those volunteers back soon.

The Arkansas PBS Membership Hot Line provides personal service to thousands of contributors and viewers each year.

Various Arkansas PBS Foundation Endowments annually generate income that is used to help support programming on Arkansas PBS, hands-on educational services provided by Arkansas PBS and volunteer activities. More than $6 million has been donated to date to Arkansas PBS Foundation Endowments (including the Jane Krutz Volunteer Program Endowment and the Charles M. and Joan R. Taylor Foundation Endowment for education) through bequests, memorial or restricted gifts.

Opinion surveys consistently show that Americans value public television as a unique educational and cultural resource that generates a high return on their tax dollars. Recent data shows that PBS and its member stations like Arkansas PBS are America's most trusted institution and an excellent use of tax dollars for the 18th consecutive year.

The federal appropriation for public broadcasting does not come to PBS directly from the government. By statute, the vast majority of federal funding for public broadcasting goes from the federal government to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), which makes grants to local television and radio stations, which are independently owned and operated. Public broadcasting is one of our nation’s best examples of a public-private partnership. The federal investment amounts to about $1.40 per citizen per year, which functions as vital seed money for our system. Federal funding is crucial for all public broadcasting stations like Arkansas PBS. For every dollar in federal funding, public television raises an additional $6.00, including contributions from individuals, foundations and businesses who voluntarily support our community-based work. Arkansas PBS also receives funding from the State of Arkansas. This funding supports the infrastructure -- personnel, equipment, occupancy and utility costs, etc. -- that allows Arkansas PBS to operate and distribute programming to viewers across our state.